How does growing up without a father affect boys?

How does growing up without a father affect boys?

Journalist Julian Jansen and author of 'Seuns Sonder Pa's' talked about how boys are being affected when growing up without a father. 

Julian Jansen
Supplied/ Julian Jansen

The statistics are shocking - more than 60% of children in South Africa grow up without a father, and often lack a sense of belonging. 

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Recent statistics show that only 31.7% of black children stayed with their biological fathers, compared to 51.3% of coloured children, 86.1% of Indian/Asian children, and 80.2% of white children.

Across all four race groups, between 74% and 92.6% of children stayed with their mothers.

Journalist Julian Jansen explored the harsh realities behind the statistics to find solutions. 

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Looking at it from both a practical and spiritual perspective, he drew on the latest research and insights gleaned from spiritual leaders and members of the community. 

According to Jansen, children without fathers carry chronic pain and they feel rejected. 

Jansen spoke to the Scenic Drive about his new book and the realities behind not growing up with a father or father figure. 

"The book talks about helping each other in your own space. We need to bring change within our own homes. If you see or know a boy without a father or father figure, you need to help. We need to give boys and children positive role models."

"If we don't give boys and children guidance, they will lose it along the way," Rian van Heerden added. 

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Image: Supplied/ Julian Jansen

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