This is how not to keep a poker face during a game

This is how not to keep a poker face during a game

World Series of Poker contestant Sang Liu was left eating humble pie after his premature victory celebration in a game against Brazil's Roberly Felicio.

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Poker can be fun, but it can also be a very serious competition. Poker players who make it to the World Series of Poker know this and do not take the opportunity to compete at such a high level lightly. 

If you're good, then you're really good, and you can be forgiven for showing off a little bit as each hand the dealer lays out is in your favour. But be careful of arrogance. You don't want to end up like Sang Liu.

The American poker player believed he had the title and cash prize in the bag and broke out into a victory dance. He jumped around the table, even going as far as taking off his jacket and throwing it on the ground. His opponent, Brazil's Roberly Felicion, was temporarily stunned, but fortune was on his side.

The next hand that the dealer revealed contained a "miracle on the river" - an eight of diamonds - and pushed him past Liu's Jack of clubs and 10 of spades into first place.

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Liu, who had already made a fool of himself with his premature victory dance, had to settle for second place. He and Felicio shook hands amicably at the end of the game. 

Liu's $500 000 prize is still very impressive, but he should take this as a lesson. When you're competing in a global tournament like the Colossus No Limit Hold'em, you need to know how to keep a great poker face!

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