'Hugo, bel die polisie' viral video - This is what really happened

'Hugo, bel die polisie' viral video - This is what really happened

The "Hugo, bel die polisie" viral video is more than a year old, but what did really happen? Rian van Heerden found out. 

Hugo Bel Die Polisie

Footage showing a fight between a local family has spread like wildfire on social media. The video, which was recorded by a neighbour in Pretoria North, shows a family viciously arguing and fighting.

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Here is what actually happened:

Wynand Janssens, the man with the amputated leg, was painting when he heard his wife, Ronel, screaming in the driveway. He rushed to the front of the house and to find people fighting.

Wynand, who lost his leg in a freak accident at work over 25 years ago when a 2-ton forklift fell on him, explained to the Scenic Drive team that the fight started because of his son's relationship with the blonde woman in the video. 

His son and the blonde woman were friends - nothing more. 

However, the blonde woman's boyfriend thought Wynand's son and the woman were having an affair. The boyfriend wanted to gather his friends to come beat up Wynand's son. Wynand further explained that the video was recorded more than a year ago.

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Wynand also told the Scenic Drive team that it's very unfortunate that their 'dirty laundry' was exposed on social media, but at least now (a year later) they can laugh about it. 

And what about the neighbour recording the video?

According to Wynand, they don't know much about her but she always peered out her windows and apparently knows everything about everyone. She was too scared to talk to Wynand and her after the video came to light.


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