'I will never expose someone to that type of violence '- Crime Scene Cleaner 'Michelle'

'I will never expose someone to that type of violence '- Crime Scene Cleaner 'Michelle'

'Michelle' has been a Crime Scene Cleaner since 2015. She joined Rian van Heerden to share some stories. 

Police crime scene

'Michelle' has been a crime scene clean-up technician since 2015. She does clean-ups in the Mbombela, and surrounding areas in the Mpumalanga province. 

'Michelle' says she decided to pursue a career in crime scene cleaner after starting a career in the pharmaceutical industry. 

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"It's not always easy and I would never expose someone to that type of violence." 

"The worst thing about being a cleaner is going to clean up a dog’s carcass after it has been poisoned."

"There is something about cleaning up a crime scene where a defenceless animal had no idea what was coming." 

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"The best thing is leaving a crime scene knowing that the house/scene is left in the best possible condition. No one will know what happened there."


1.  A young teen girl, under the age of 15-years-old who committed suicide with a hunting rifle. She says when it comes to dealing with a body that was harmed with a high calibre rifle, it is the worst. She also had to deal with hysteric family. She then found a piece of the girl’s ear behind the television that was mounted against the wall. This happened in November of last year. 

2.  December last year, it was very hot in the Mbombela area. She got a call from someone saying they suspect someone had died in the house. When she arrived she immediately smelled a decomposed body. She went out, put on her mask and went into the house. Inside she found a man who suffered erectile dysfunction. The man was hoarder so she had to look around. She found that he overdosed on the erectile dysfunction meds. He was dead but his member was still pretty much alive. This was approximately 12 days after he had died. 

3.  A man in the Witbank area was diagnosed with motor neuron disease. He worked at the mines. After receiving the news of MND he hung himself in the bathroom. His wife found him about more than 20 days after he hung himself. So the body started decomposing and Michelle had to clean body parts from out the bathroom. 

4.  She also recalls a case where a woman found out that her husband cheated on her and she copped of his member. Michelle was sent in to clean up the mess. She says it looked like someone took a tomato sauce bottle and squirted the place all over. She says the cut-off part was not there so they might have tried to save his member.

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