Make My Monday: Dinner to celebrate 4th wedding anniversary

Make My Monday: Dinner to celebrate 4th wedding anniversary

Karin Myburgh and her husband received a dinner to celebrate their 4th anniversary after a tough year. 

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Karin Myburgh from Germiston wrote to the Scenic Drive to make her Monday. 

"2020 has been the best and worst year of our lives. After my husband was retrenched in 2019, he finally started a new job in January 2020. 

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'Then COVID-19 happened - and at this point, I was eight months pregnant. My husband was never paid any commission and immediately received a 50% salary cut. 

"I gave birth and we had to live from hand to mouth. My husband managed to get a new job, however, we are still not out of the red."

Karin Myburgh and her husband went through a rough patch - and she would like to celebrate her and her husband's 4th wedding anniversary with a lovely and relaxing dinner. 

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"All I want is for him to have a relaxed evening of not worrying about food or baby bottles. It would definitely #MakeMyMonday if I could take him out for dinner to celebrate us and remind him of four wonderful years." 

Compliments from Times Square

A night’s rest with A Night’s Stay at the Maslow Time Square.

An R1000 voucher at Guy Fieri’s to celebrate their anniversary.

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