Make My Monday: Driving lessons for 20-year-old student

Make My Monday: Driving lessons for 20-year-old student

Student Charné Burger has received paid for driving lessons to make her Monday extra special. 

Car ride

"My daughter needs driving lessons to get to her new job and classes on a Saturday when she gets her license. Due to financial reasons - we aren't able to afford driving lessons for her," Willa Burger, Charné's mother wrote to the Scenic Drive. 

"If she gets her license, she will later be able to afford her own car," Burger continued.

Compliments of Class of K53 Driving School

They will provide Charné with their driver's license package worth R3,650 - but they will make Charné's Monday extra special by making the package unlimited. 

This package includes: 

  • Transport for appointments
  • 10-hours of driving training
  • Transport for test day
  • Exploring test route
  • Pre-trip Inspection

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