Make My Monday: Full car service for loyal listener

Make My Monday: Full car service for loyal listener

With the help of Mik-Mak Motors, the Scenic Drive was able to help a listener with a full car service. 

Car Service

The Scenic Drive team received a letter from Kyron Turbull, asking for help to service his car. 

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"The roads of Pretoria has taken their toll on my car. I am usually a do it yourself kind of guy and have been servicing my car myself through the years but due to financial restraints, I just can’t afford to do this service. To put it in layman’s terms, my shocks are done! I fear the day that my springs shoot through the bonnet or the boot. The worst part of this is that my tyres are (excuse the pun) taking the blunt end of the stick as well," he said.

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"I have started a new business to try to gain an extra income but at this time, it still isn’t enough. What I do with this business is deliver food essentials after hours and during curfew for people who can’t get out and my fear is to be stranded next to the road on delivery during curfew," he continued. 

Compliments from Mik-Mak Motors

Mik-Mak Motors will give his car a full service, and will also give him new shocks and tyres. 

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