Make My Monday: Listener gets free e-commerce website to grow his business

Make My Monday: Listener gets free e-commerce website to grow his business

With the help of Limenco Design, the Scenic Drive team was able to assist a listener with a brand new website to help grow their business. 

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The Scenic Drive team received a letter from Vernon Swanepoel asking for assistance with his website and business. 

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"I'm writing in hope and desperation. I have been retrenched since June 2021, and started my own business and have not given up hope. Sales are not well and I'm struggling to look after my family. 

"I'm not asking for money or any handouts at all. If possible I'm only asking for help in order to make my own sales and grow.

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"I need someone that can help me with an e-commerce website, that does not cost an arm and a leg? Or someone perhaps out there willing to help and receive payments monthly? 

That's all I need help with to give me a fighting chance. If at all possible."

Compliments of Limenco Design

Kim Coetzee from Limenco Design will help Vernon Swanepoel grow his business, by designing a brand new website!

This includes:

• Building a professional e-commerce site

• 1-year hosting

• 3-months of follow up SEO Optimization

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