Make My Monday: New mattresses and bedding for two brothers

Make My Monday: New mattresses and bedding for two brothers

With the help of Mattress Warehouse and Continental Linen, the Scenic Drive team was able to help a mother with new mattresses and bedding for her two sons. 

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Jani de Beer wrote to the Scenic Drive team asking for assistance to get two new single bed mattresses and bedding for her two sons, aged 9 and 12.

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"The past three years have been incredibly difficult. My husband passed away in August 2019 and as a result, my kids and I lost our home and most of our worldly possessions. We were able to move into my childhood home with my mom and dad as we try to get back on our feet.

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"I was able to save my sons' beds but, unfortunately, the mattresses are rather old and slept through. Although they don't complain, as a mother I know that it isn't the most comfortable. As funds have been rather tight they also still use their toddler bedding which is quite worn.

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"My boys don't complain about what they have and we have come a long way in healing from the struggles of the past three years. I would love to be able to give them new mattresses, perhaps even a new pillow or two, and new bedding to reflect their age and interests. 

"I know my request is rather luxurious but it is a luxury I dream of giving my boys."

Compliments of Mattress Warehouse and Continental Linen:

Mattress Warehouse and Continental Linen will gladly sponsor new mattrasses and new bedding. 

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