Make My Monday: Special gift for mother of seven

Make My Monday: Special gift for mother of seven

The past Sunday, families celebrated Mother's Day and made the day extra special for their mothers. Sadly, one family was not so lucky. 

Mother's Day
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We received a special letter from 16-year-old Jayden Kryney, asking for help to surprise his mother for Mother's Day. 

"I really want to make my mother's, Mother's Day special. She has been through a lot and was unemployed for years."

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Kryney mentioned that they are seven children and that his mother takes good care of them. 

"I would just like to make things a bit lighter for her."

Compliments of Spar: 

Spar gladly gifted the family with a R2,500 voucher to make his mother's Mother's Day extra special. 

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