A man drove into a lake to avoid being arrested

A man drove into a lake to avoid being arrested

This man really thought he could swim away from the police.

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What is it that makes people believe that, when they are being chased by police, driving faster will get them into less trouble?

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Daniel Basham tried to escape being arrested for driving drunk by driving straight into a lake in Arlington, Texas.

After his car hit the water, Daniel climbed out of the window and attempted to swim away from the police. Eventually, the fog of alcohol lifted from his mind and he realised there was no escape - he swam towards the police, who subsequently arrested him. 

You have to wonder what his initial plan was? Was he going to dive under water and hold his breath until the police got tired of waiting for him?

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Daniel has been charged for driving while intoxicated, evading arrest, and possession of marijuana. 

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