#MondayMotivation with transformational life coach Carel Bosman

#MondayMotivation with transformational life coach Carel Bosman

Do you need help to change the way you look at yourself, your work and your life? Transformational life coach Carel Bosman is here to help. 

Carel Bosman
Twitter/ Carel Bosman with President Ramaphosa in 2019

The coronavirus has shaken the security of our usual routines and presents a new threat that is a source of significant stress and anxiety for many people. 

According to clinical psychologist Rucksana Christian, "South Africa’s response to the Covid-19 threat has left the country in a pre-traumatic state characterised by high levels of uncertainty, a sense of diminished control and high levels of fear and helplessness."

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How do we change a negative or traumatic situation? Transformation Life Coach Carel Bosman joined the Scenic Drive to share advice on how to stay positive and to better yourself and your life by bringing about necessary changes, especially during the national lockdown. 

"Our reality has changed drastically. We have no idea what to do at the moment  - but we cannot change it.

"This lockdown learned us to live in the moment. We don't have tomorrow - we only have today. We need to work on today," Christian.

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