"Don't wear masks outside. Only in confined spaces - if cannot keep social distancing" - Prof Stolz

"Don't wear masks outside. Only in confined spaces - if cannot keep social distancing" - Prof Stolz

Should we really wear a mask every time we head outside? Virologist Prof Anton Stoltz joined the Scenic Drive to share more. 

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Is it really necessary that we wear masks to protect ourselves during the novel COVID-19 outbreak?

Jacaranda FM News reported that The Gauteng Department of Health said there is no need for ordinary South Africans to wear masks and other protective gear to stop themselves from contracting coronavirus.

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The department’s spokesperson Kwara Kekana said South Africans who wear masks and gloves, when it’s not necessary, end up fiddling and touching their faces.

Dr Anton Stoltz, a virologist and HOD Division of Infectious Diseases from the University of Pretoria from the Department of Internal Medicine joined the Scenic Drive team to answer this important question. 

"We are very early in the virus. This lockdown is important - everyone must do their part.

"Our president reacted at the right time. We need to bring down the movement of people to prevent the spread.

"We need to find the hotspots - we need to find them and move people out of the areas to not infect the community.

"My personal opinion, if you put on a mask (surgical) with open sides - there is no use for wearing the mask. Only if you are ill, wear it so that you don't spread the virus. 

Prof Stolz added that we don't need to wear masks - only in confined spaces - if cannot keep social distancing.

"We need to keep social distancing. If you are indoors like in a shop or a taxi - you can wear it. If you are outside there is no use to wearing it," prof Stoltz. 

The Scenic Drive decided to start the #ScenicDriveMasks to donate masks and gloves to medical workers who really need it. 

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