VOTE: What is the best song to serenade to someone with?

VOTE: What is the best song to serenade to someone with?

Serenading someone can be described as one of the most beautiful gestures ever. So, the Scenic Drive wanted to find out which song is tops.

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Before expensive, lavish dates and adventures were the best way to show your affection to a significant other - lovers showed their love by serenading their loved ones.

"There was always that one boy that would stand in front of a girl's window to serenade to her," Rian van Heerden said on the show.

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"I have no idea what I would like to hear from my partner," Philicity Reeken explained to the team. 

After a long discussion, the Scenic Drive team asked our Facebook followers what the best song is to serenade someone with. 

These are a few of the comments we received. 


According to Jannie Lategan, the best song to serenade to someone with is 'Perfect' from Ed Sheeran. 

Let us know what you're top song would be.

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