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You could soon test your own eyes with a smartphone

14 November 2017 marks World Diabetes Day. Have you gone for your check-up?

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Today is World Diabetes Day. People who have a high-stress lifestyle and do not follow a healthy diet could be at risk of developing diabetes.

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A common symptom of diabetes is blurred vision, and a timely eye test that detects changes in the blood vessels in your retinas could go a long way towards diagnosing and treating the disease. 

EyeQue is a technology company founded in 2015 which has created a Personal Vision Tracker. Through an app on your smartphone, the EyeQue Insight will check the clarity and sharpness of your vision. You will also be able to check your own prescription, to see if it is still correct.

EyeQue is dedicated to making eye care simple and accessible to as many people as possible. Currently, the Personal Vision Tracker is available on Amazon for $29,99.

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This is the kind of product that would certainly make a remarkable difference in the lives of people who are living with diabetes. 

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