Help us create the "Greatest Love Story Never Told"

Help us create the "Greatest Love Story Never Told"

Rian and The Complimentary Breakfast team have decided that they want to tell the "greatest love story never told" but they need your help. We need you to fill in a few gaps as we go along. 

love story

Today we are trying to create the perfect guy character, which one do you think will fit our story?

Pravesh – the accountant, who races sports cars on the weekend.

Relationship status: SINGLE

Pravesh is diligent, trustworthy, has a steady 9 to 5 job and he works from exactly 9 to exactly 5. He also takes lunch at exactly 12 – so he can catch Barney’s show. 

He’s the office nerd, who uses gimmicks and apps for extra productivity. He’s a blue checked shirt kinda guy, as predictable as the day is long. Or is he… no one at the office knows this, but on weekends he races formula 1 cars at Kyalami. After which he has a burger at Rocomamas – okay fine! He has a routine on the weekends too.

Rudi – the successful attorney and all-round funny guy. Only… he represents SANRAL. 

Relationship status: DIVORCED

Rudi is a likable all-round funny guy. Every one invites him to a braai, for a drink… he’s extremely sociable. Met ‘n gladde tong! He is an attorney after all. He works for a big firm, earns a big pay check and he’s the guy representing SANRAL. It’s all his fault that they are still around.

But to redeem himself, he volunteers at Kitty and Puppy Haven on the weekends. With his two kids. From his two ex-wives. But he’s really kind and all about giving back.

James – the IT Programmer and barista. But he’s hot.

Relationship status: IT’S COMPLICATED

James is great at being cool, he’s very good with people and really complicated computer stuff. He’s pushing 30, his day-job is in IT as a Programmer – but making coffee at Motherland is his passion and it chills him out.

James still lives with his mom, but he is getting his life together. He’s extremely funny and charming, even though he’s a tech head – so we know he’ll make a success of his career. In addition, he’s hot. Not model hot. But hot. And he makes a winning cappuccino.

Sifiso – The Entrepeneur. Who gets friend-zoned… all the time!

Relationship status: WIDOWED

Sifiso is a nice guy. He is almost too nice. He’ll take your car to the mechanic’s for you. He buys you a coffee when you look low… He’s just really, really nice. 

He’s an entrepreneur, with a new idea for a business pretty much every minute. He helps out his single-mom sister on weekends, and takes pride in his award-winning Bonsai. But he can’t seem to get a date. He’s even moderately good-looking. He does have permanent residency in “The Friend Zone”. He’s got lots of female friends who call on him for a favour here and there, or when they are bored. But date him, no.

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