Noot Vir Noot's Johan Stemmet plays a round of GREED

Noot Vir Noot's Johan Stemmet dominates a round of GREED

Noot vir Noot is one of the longest running game shows on television and this morning we were joined by the host, Johan Stemmet. We challenged him to a round of 'GREED' to see if his music knowledge is in tip top shape. 

Johan Stemmet studio image

Every morning listeners are faced with the challenge of guessing a song and in doing so, they are rewarded with R10 000. 'GREED' is a popular segment on The Complimentary Breakfast and this morning we decided to put Johan Stemmet to the challenge. 

If there is one person who would have the ultimate music knowledge, it has to be Johan. So, do you think he would be able to guess every song correctly? 

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