DJ Jazzy D’s Party Playlist

DJ Jazzy D’s Party Playlist

Life without music is like life without medication. That’s according to DJ Jazzy D, who says music is healing.

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The DJ, who hosts “The House Party” on Jacaranda FM on Saturdays, chatted to us about his love for music and what’s currently on his party playlist.

His favourite local musician at the moment is Jimmy Nevis.

“He has this soulful diversity in his music that has a piece of Africa,” Jazzy D said.

The Lady Soul hit creator recorded a house remix version of Nevis’ hit track, 7764 – which is currently his phone ringtone.

Jazzy D says Lira’s Feel Good best describes him.

“I just wanna feel good every day; I wanna wear a smile upon on my face,” are some of the lyrics the award-winning artist sings on the track.

If you’re planning a house party soon, DJ Jazzy D’s playlist is sure to impress your guests.

1. DJ Jazzy D ft Dantanio - Like I Am Gonna Lose You (remix)

2. Omi - Hula Hoop (dirty remix)

3. Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean

4. Pitbull ft Chris Brown - Fun

5. Jessy Glynn - Hold My Hand (remix)

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Even better, plan your house party for Saturday from 8pm to midnight and tune into Jacaranda FM where DJ Jazzy D will be playing all the hottest tunes to turn your house into the biggest party venue in Gauteng.

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