Chilling photos of Cape Town’s shocking dam levels

Chilling photos of Cape Town’s shocking dam levels

Cape Town has just 99 days of water left with dams quickly drying up. 

Cape Town dam levels
City of Cape Town/Facebook

UPDATE: This story has been updated to reflect the latest dam levels.

There is effectively 14% of usable drinking water left in the city's dams.

The metro has been declared a disaster area amid the ongoing and devastating drought.

 The average water level for dams across the Western Cape has dropped to 22.1% in April.

The City of Cape Town released these photos in March and they're extremely worrying!

Cape Town dam levels 1
City of Cape Town/Facebook
Cape Town dam levels 2
City of Cape Town/Facebook
Cape Town dam levels 3
City of Cape Town/Facebook

After two years of drought Cape Town's dams are critically depleted, with Level 3B water restrictions currently in place.

The last 10% of a dam’s water is not usable. 

Consumption has finally dropped below the target of 700 million litres of collective use per day.


Despite the shocking figures in March, many consumers had still have not heeded the warnings and cut down their water consumption.


The City of Cape Town released a list of the top 100 water wasters, here's the top 10.

The top 100 users with the highest water usage per month are located in:

1. Haywood Road‚ Crawford — 702,000l.

2. Manenberg Avenue‚ Manenberg — 655,000l.

3. Boundary Road‚ Lansdowne — 557,000l.

4. Upper Hillwood Road‚ Bishop’s Court — 554,000l.

5. Norwich Drive‚ Bishop’s Court — 500,000l.

6. Pear Lane‚ Constantia — 461,000l.

7. Barchan Circle‚ Big Bay — 457,000l.

8. Hoeveld Road‚ La Concorde — 443,000l.

9. Montana Road‚ Colorado Park — 441,000l.

10. Charnwood Avenue‚ Tokai — 431,000l.

Even musicians are singing for the rains to come.


Heinz Winckler released his new album Roar with a track entitled ‘Let It Rain (A Nation's Prayer)’.


He chats to The Late Show host Carla Mackenzie about moving away from pop to create this song. 

As for the water shortage, Gauteng is sort of in the clear for now, with the Vaal Dam at full capacity thanks to the recent rains.


Government is now in the process of lifting water restrictions in the province.

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