Would you pay R9.3-million to dine in space

Would you pay R9.3-million to dine in space

Can you imagine dining in space? And not with just any meal, but a Michelin-starred meal...

A Space shuttle up in space
A Space shuttle up in space/Instagram Screenshot/@thespaceprize

Some people will do anything for a good meal, even if that means travelling to space...

And what an experience that would be. 

People don't have to imagine this anymore as a space company, SpaceVIP, is partnering with acclaimed Chef Rasmus Munk for an experience that is literally out of this world. 

They are offering "six intrepid travelers the mission and memories of a lifetime when they host the first Michelin-starred meal on the edge of space in 2025." (Forbes)

Space travel is not something that people have to dream about or read about anymore, it is real and happening. 

But like anything extraordinary, it costs more than a pretty penny. 

“This announcement has already cast its spotlight on space tourism and we are thrilled about the dialogue it has started around the importance of space travel,” SpaceVIP founder Roman Chiporukha wrote via email to Forbes." (Forbes)

"This Michelin-starred meal will take place aboard Spaceship Neptune for the astronomical price of $495,000 per-person." (Forbes

That's around R9,379,309.50! Surely, that's not the kind of money people have lying around?

Check out some of the pics of the space-balloon:

A space balloon
A space balloon/Instagram Screenshot/@thespaceprize
Inside the space balloon
Inside the space balloon/Instagram Screenshot/@thespaceprize

"According to the press release, the flight will last around six-hours in total and will take place in a pressurized capsule that is lifted into the sky by a stratospheric space-balloon. While onboard, participants will have access to Wi-Fi and will be able to livestream the entire experience with friends and family on earth." (Forbes)

Roman Chiporukha says that this launch will help with making space tourism more accessible for people in the future. 

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