Son sees mom's favourite drink at mall

Son sees mom's favourite drink at mall

"Tada, here you go, Mom..."

A young girl playing with slime at the mall
A young girl playing with slime at the mall/TikTok Screenshot/@tessa_simn

Ah, what a wonderful world we live in where we can capture special moments of our kids on the move. 

One mother decided to do this at the mall after she bought slime for her kids. They were so excited about the play slime that they opened it before they could leave the mall

So, naturally, mom wanted to capture the moment. 

Mom didn't realise she would be surprised while she was videoing them. First, she asked her daughter to show her the slime; then, she turned to ask her son. 

Her son's attention was split between the slime and something that had caught his eye in one of the shop windows. The little guy seemed happy to see his mother's favourite drink. 

He turned to it and said, "Tada, here you go, Mom."

The little boy noticed his mother's favourite drink, which happened to be an alcoholic drink, Savannah. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok


This boy 🤣🤭

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