JAC's Top 5: Five warning signs of a possible narcissist

JAC's Top 5: Five warning signs of a possible narcissist

Sometimes you have to take a step back and reflect if your current relationship is in fact healthy for you...

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The Modern Breakup Book on a table/Instagram Screenshot/@thegoodquote

Popular self help author and life coach Daniel Chidiac has another book apart from Who Says You Can't, You Do, which involves breakups. 

The book is called The Modern Break-Up and shares some insightful information on spotting a narcissist in a relationship. 

Sometimes when you are so well into a relationship, it is difficult to spot a person who is manipulative and toxic. 

This is why the book takes the time to share some signs that are indicative when spotting a narcissist. 

When you think of narcissistic behaviour, you will find the most common tell tale, which is in line with the meaning of the word, is someone who has an excessive interest or admiration in themselves. 

In case you were wondering if you knew or know someone like that, the above will be your first indicator. 

Here are some signs as per the book: 

1. They tend to ruin your mood on every special day or holiday

2. They will make you feel guilty after each fight or argument, it's always your fault. 

3. If they notice that they are about to lose you, they will be overly affectionate and loving so that they can reel you back into their web. 


4. They are pathological liars. 

5. Studies have shown that many narcissists cheat on their partners, because they need loads of attention from other people. 

If these sound familiar, then we suggest you seek help or try to remove yourself from this toxicity. 

Because as much as you may think you can save them, they need help beyond you. 

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