Rogue French 'Spiderman' scales London's Salesforce Tower

Rogue French 'Spiderman' scales London's Salesforce Tower

Daredevil urban climber Alain Robert is at it again. This time, he brought London to a halt as crowds watched him scale one of the city's tallest buildings. 

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French rock climber and urban climber Alain Robert (56) is known for scaling large buildings without any safety gear. In his latest stunt, Robert climbed up the Salesforce Tower in London
Police worked to control the crowds that gathered on the road below to watch Robert complete the climb, which took 40 minutes. 

The building is 202 metres high and, as is his usual style, Robert did not have permission for the climb. Reportedly Robert felt confident and energised before the climb, saying: "I fully feel alive when my life is at stake."
There were cheers from below as Robert reached the top and raised both his arms in a victorious gesture. 

Police, who pointed out that Robert's actions put citizens in danger, arrested him for "causing a public nuisance". 

Image: The Sydney Morning Herald

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