"They ain't gonna catch me!" Police chase guy on a scooter!

"They ain't gonna catch me!" Police chase guy on a scooter!

Guess a scooter is the new getaway ride...

Police chase after man on scooter
Police chase after man on scooter/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

When you think about a high-speed police chase, you always imagine it to be a certain way. 

Something that has definitely been popularised with the culture of consuming American movies. 

But, recently, a man captured a video of a high-speed police chase of a man not revving a fast car, but rather a scooter. 

Not the Vespa types, the ones that you find young kids using. The only difference in this case is that it was a motorised scooter and not a manual. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of Instagram


It is unclear as to what the man on the scooter did that warranted not one, not two, but THREE police vehicles chasing him down. 

But his cockiness and over-confidence is certainly something that we hope got shot down. 

It does beg one to wonder though, the things that people will do to go head-to-head with the law...

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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