WATCH: Would you try this toilet hack for long distance travel?

WATCH: Would you try this toilet hack for long distance travel?

A guy shares a video on TikTok of a DIY toilet in your car...

A toilet roll holder without anymore tissue
A toilet roll holder without anymore tissue/Unsplash Website

There are ways to beat having to stop to use the toilet on a long distance trip, but none of them are sanitary in our books. 

And in a world where you have garage stops that cater for toilet breaks, along most lengthy freeways, why would you need a toilet hack?

But like everything nowadays, there is always a bright spark who wants to share their supposedly life-changing hack - and we guess that is what this is too...

A video of a guy equipping the driver's seat to double up as a toilet has left a divided audience on TikTok. 

Some say it is brilliant and much needed when you are on a time constraint and traveling long distance, whilst others say, no ways, that's what garage stops are for.

If anything, there are varied ways of looking at this, but it would be a great hack for when going camping. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@paul_vu_95 This road trip hack is a game changer 😅😱😱 ..! #usa #fyp #viral #foryou #tip #trick #foryoupage #toilet ♬ STAY - The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

Check out some of the comments that we found most interesting. 

Newyorkpark: "Too much work. I’m going in the bushes" 

Trey: "Bro these like a million gas station and rest spot along every highway. Ain’t no way boy ain’t no way" 

Random, Spiritual, Crafts, Etc.: "Just get a product called Depends (adult diapers) for men and women. Its not always safe to stop. I'm guessing he came up with the idea so he would not have to stop. So keeping it in that context, use Depends instead."

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