What do you think about unisex restrooms and changing rooms?

What do you think about unisex restrooms and changing rooms?

It's meant to be inclusive but at what cost?

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Nothing can firmly be considered as completely safe these days. Because criminals don't conform to one way of looking or committing crimes. 

They can be so chameleon-like and float through our lives unnoticed which makes it that much harder to distinguish them in social settings and the like. 

So it can be quite traumatising (to say the least) to be violated when your guard is down and you didn't feel the need to be on high alert. 

A UK woman named Charlotte Kirby shared her trauma recently on social media and it has caught the attention of many people. 

She got in her car after a visit to a Primark store, which is a clothing store, and was extremely upset. 

Charlotte shared that she was in a unisex changing room trying on some clothes, she adds that she completely supports unisex changing rooms because they allow everyone to feel included. 

But sadly she had a negative experience when two separate men walked into her changing stall when it was clear that it was occupied. 

Luckily she explains that she was fully clothed both times, but the invasion of privacy was a lot for her. 

She reported it to security and the store was very supportive, they even escorted her to her car because she was scared. 

According to the store, this was not the first time this happened and they were going to investigate further. 


Many people came to her post showing her support. Some saying that as much as companies are trying to be inclusive with unisex changing rooms, they should have lockable doors on their cubicles. 

WATCH her video below, courtesy of TikTok

@charlottemkirby Please be aware/spread the word and stay safe girls. Don’t go in changing rooms alone. This never even crossed my mind when I went into a unisex changing room. Thank you @primark ♬ original sound - Charlotte Kirby

Check out her response video below, courtesy of TikTok

@charlottemkirby Replying to @Sarah Whistle ♬ original sound - Charlotte Kirby

And then she posted an update yesterday, courtesy of TikTok

Primark has provided her with feedback and she is happy with their response. 

@charlottemkirby Replying to @Charlotte Kirby ♬ original sound - Charlotte Kirby

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