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Dad's Facebook post made an important point about diaper changing

We love the stance this dad has taken about diaper changing tables and parenting equality.

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Babies are adorable. Their laughs are infectious and their smiles can melt any ice queen's heart. But one thing everyone knows about babies is that no matter how cute they are, the diaper changing can make any adult cry.

As a mom you block out the fumes and get the job done, but for dads it is a little harder. While we can see the humour in that, no-one really pays attention to the bigger issues at hand. Thanks to blogger Clint Edwards, there is hope.

Edwards blogs fatherhood on No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog. Recently he took to Facebook to write about the major “win” at his Oregon church.

In the Facebook post, Edwards noted that a bench in the men’s restroom recently went missing. The bench was important, because it was the only surface where dads could change diapers in the men’s restroom.

Edwards went on to explain that, too often, changing tables only exist in women’s bathrooms because society expects women to bear to heaviest parenting loads – and that’s not cool for moms or dads.

Edwards stressed that diaper changing – and the other responsibilities of parenting – should be shared equally between men and women. Well done, Edwards.

Edwards got his victory when his church put in a changing table in the men’s bathroom. Nice!

But Edwards is really not alone. Many who commented on Edwards' post agreed with him and shared their diaper changing horror stories.

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