'Phone addiction ruins toddler's eyesight'

'Phone addiction ruins toddler's eyesight'

You might want to keep your toddler away from your phone after reading this!

Child watching show

A two-year-old was diagnosed with severe myopia, better known as short-sightedness, after being allowed to use a cellphone to watch her favourite shows for as long as she wanted. 

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The two-year-old girl from Jiangsu in China had been using a phone to watch shows since she was just a year old, Asia One reports.

The parents were apparently not strict with screen time and allowed her to watch her shows for hours as this kept her happy. At two-years-old, her parents noticed that she was struggling with her vision and decided to seek medical assistance. 

According to reports, the child's eyesight is so bad that it will only get worse as she grows. 

The World Health Organisation has issued a warning regarding screen time and young children.

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