Shock and panic as multiple sharks spotted in Kromme River
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Shock and panic as multiple sharks spotted in Kromme River

A video showing a shoal of about 30 sharks in the Kromme River has gone viral.

Sharks in Kromme River

If you thought dodging sharks in the sea was bad enough, imagine this guy’s shock when he spotted 30-odd sharks in a shallow river!

Twenty-year-old, Lawrence Everton, a St Francis fisherman, made a startling discovery recently when he came across the bizarre gathering of sharks.

According to HeraldLive, Everton, who works as a security guard for SmHart Security, was patrolling on Sunday afternoon in Kromme Shareblock, a residential area north of St Francis Bay, when he heard splashing. When he went to investigate, he could not believe what he saw.

He was quoted as saying: “I’ve been fishing since I was a kid – and I’ve been in St Francis eight years – and I’ve never seen so many sharks packed together like that. I was amazed and exclaiming out loud while I was filming them with my phone. Sorry about the swearing.”

Watch the incredible footage below:

WARNING: Offensive language.

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