Student gets school bag delivered by helicopter

Student gets school bag delivered by helicopter

Social media users were left intrigued after parents brought their son's bag to school in a chopper.

School bag delivered using a chopper

Many of us know the feeling of leaving something important at home by mistake, but very few can relate to this specific scenario.

A video has been doing the rounds on social media showing a chopper reportedly landing at the University of North West - and a lot of people are impressed. 

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In the video posted on Twitter, a man can be seen casually walking towards the helicopter that landed in a parking lot, opening the door to take his bags, then strolling away from the helicopter as it takes off. 

The people taking the video can be heard screaming hysterically while wondering who the young man is. 

Twitter users reacted with intrigue, with some suggesting that maybe the young man was simply showing off and the whole event was planned out. Whatever the story may be, we all wish we were as wealthy.

Watch the video below:

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