WATCH: Woman strips and sings at airport

WATCH: Woman strips and sings at airport

A woman bared all at a busy Miami airport while bystanders watched on in shock. 

Woman strips naked at airport
Screenshot/NY Post

In the short cellphone video footage, the woman can be seen walking in blue underwear before removing her bra.

The New York Post shared the bizarre story in 2020, mentioning that the woman was taken for an involuntary mental evaluation check. 

The woman could be seen in the video slowly stripping while strutting through the baggage claim area at Miami International Airport. After removing her bra, the woman continued to sing then slowly removed her underwear. When she was completely naked, the woman then jumped onto a police car. 

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The video was first shared on Twitter but it is now being uploaded on other media platforms.

Shocked onlookers watched on while waiting for their baggage.

Another bystander apparently caught her sitting on a patrol car outside the airport’s parking area.


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