Adopted dog helps owner to live again

Adopted dog helps owner to live again

When Eric O’Grey was told that he only had five years to live and was too big to board a flight, as there was no seat belt to fit him, he knew he had to change his ways. Little did he know that adopting a dog would save his life.

Adopted dog

O'Grey weighed over 320 pounds (about 145 kg), had Type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and would spend $1,000 a month on medication.


His doctor had told him he only had five more years to live.


One day, he had to miss his business trip as the seat belt in the plane did not fit him.


Not only did he delay the flight, but one disgusted passenger said to him "I'm going to miss my connection because you are too fat".


O'Grey says this was his bottom point.


In a bid to save his life, O'Grey contacted a local nutritionist who advised him to adopt a shelter dog that would force him to go outside and make him more socially active.


He went to the shelter and asked for an obese dog. Little did he know that his adopted dog would not only help him shed weight, but would cause him to live again.


"I took him home that night. None of us knew what to expect and over a period of time we really formed an inseparable bond, one that I never experienced with another person or animal or anybody. We began walking for at least half an hour a day everyday and over the cause of a year just by changing what I ate and walking with Pete, I lost about 140 plus pounds," O'Grey said.


"Everything about my life improved."


Not only has O'Grey managed to lose weight, but he is off his medication and has even finished running a marathon.

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