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This invention guarantees a peaceful night's sleep for all

With this clever invention, you and your partner can sleep soundly at night - no more arguments about who is hogging the covers. 

cover clamp
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Who is more often found guilty of stealing the duvet or comforter off their partner's body during the night: men, or women?
It's the age-old debate. 

It might all stem from the simple fact that different people prefer different temperatures when they are sleeping. What you have to do, is find a compromise. 

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But if you're tired of having the same fight over and over, or you just can't bear the idea of having to use a separate blanket when you're trying to fall asleep in your own bed, then this might be the answer you are looking for. 

With this clever invention, you will no longer have to fight about who steals the covers, because the covers will be firmly wrapped around your bodies. 

In fact, this might settle the argument once and for all, because whoever disturbs the clamp during the night is obviously the one who is prone to stealing the comforter. 

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But bringing a tool such as this into your bedroom might not be the most appealing idea. 

So what are some of your ideas for making sure your partner stops hogging the covers?

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