LAPD investigates after zoo visitor slaps hippo

LAPD investigates after zoo visitor slaps hippo

An unnamed man who slapped a hippo at the Los Angeles Zoo is under investigation for trespassing. 

Man slaps hippo

Visiting the zoo is a chance to get closer to wild animals than you probably ever would; it also gives you a chance to learn about their behaviours, habits, and history. 

However, for some people, getting an even closer look at the animals is a must: despite warnings to the contrary, they try to feed and touch the animals. Some incurable tricksters even try to climb into the enclosures!

An unnamed visitor to the Los Angeles Zoo made plans to jump inside a hippo enclosure and do something outrageous: slap a hippo on its backside

The man, dressed in a white T-shirt, can be seen approaching the enclosure, deftly climbing over the low wall, then reaching down and slapping one of the two hippos in the enclosure. He then quickly jumps back down and lets out a victorious "whoop!".

The hippos seem unfazed, though the older of the two does lift its head to see where the slapping sound came from. The Los Angeles Zoo reports that neither of the hippos was hurt.

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The Zoo reported the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department and the man is being charged with trespassing. Entering animal enclosures is against the rules in the state of California

The case is not being treated as one of animal cruelty.

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