Live mouse found in top burger chain's rolls
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Live mouse found in top burger chain's rolls

An employee at a Wendy's restaurant in Oklahoma was shocked to find a live mouse inside a bag of burger buns. Her manager's response was disturbing. 

mouse in wendy's burger
Screenshot/NYPost Video

There has long been speculation about just how safe or hygienic it is to eat at fast food restaurants. The conditions in which the food is prepared are constantly questioned and there have been many reports of customers finding insects or rotten food in their orders. 

Yet, people continue to visit the restaurants. It seems hunger (and convenience) trump hygiene. But will the latest incident at a Wendy's in Oklahoma finally change people's minds?

Immediately after discovering a live mouse inside a sealed bag of burger buns, Sky Frame, an employee at a Wendy's branch in Catoosa, Oklahoma alerted her manager. According to the New York Post, Sky was simply told to grab a different bag of burger buns. 

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The Business Insider reports that after posting the video, Sky warned people against eating at this particular Wendy's branch. This is not the first time that Wendy's has been under the microscope in relation to a rodent problem. 

Responding to the video, Wendy's released a press statement that said they are "aware of the situation and taking the matter very seriously". There was no word on whether the fast food chain knew the source of the rodent problem.

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