There is a new robot suitcase that moves itself around

There is a new robot suitcase that moves itself around

If you are one of those people who hates carrying luggage, cheer up, you can now get the Travelmate robot suitcase - a suitcase that moves itself around.

Robot suitcase

“Travelmate isn't just a normal suitcase - it's an autonomous robot companion that follows you wherever you go and makes traveling much easier. Our suitcase is smart enough to always follow you and avoid any obstacles in its way,” Travelmate Robotics reports.

The suitcase is also perfect for any situation, be it carrying your stuff to work, school, or the airport. Apart from being a hands-free suitcase, it has many other great benefits. The robot suitcase uses a GPS which enables you to track where it is at any given time, and it automatically finds the best route and analyses the most effective way to move forward, Mirror reports.  So there is no need to worry about losing your luggage or it getting lost anymore.

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Learn more about the incredible suitcase below...

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