What happens when a kitten meets a turtle for the first time?

What happens when a kitten meets a turtle for the first time?

Keeping pets from different species in the same home can make for some very interesting playtime activities. This is what happened when three kittens met their turtle "sibling" for the first time. 

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If you're an animal lover, then you know that once you open your home to one or two pets it can be difficult to turn away any other animals that need a home. 

Before you know it, your home is a one-stop shop for cats, dogs, birds, fish, and all sorts. 

But how can you know for sure that all your animals will get along with each other? Can birds and cats be friends? What about cats and turtles?

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Ann Baret of Sofia, Bulgaria found that her kittens got along very well with her new turtle. That is, once they got over the initial confusion of finding a strange, hard-shelled housemate wandering around on their turf.

The young cats jump around the turtle, hitting it to see how it will react. This could easily have resulted in injury to the turtle.

In this case, it appears the turtle was able to stand its ground and avoid further interrogation from the cats. But this is perhaps a warning that the two species should not be allowed to get too close to each other. 

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