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Women's Month: Hlengiwe Hlophe-Maxon

As we celebrate Women's month - join JacaNews in saluting the movers, shakers, trendsetters and game changers in our society.

Five questions to the EFF's Hlengiwe Hlophe-Maxon: 

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File photo: Sibahle Motha

1.  Why did you choose politics?

It was not by choice, I was politically active by the age of 14 and was mobilised by the circumstances of my poor background. I automatically gravitated towards politics, it's something that I can't live without. 


2.  What do you like about your job?


I love interacting with people and love giving them hope. A lot of people have lost hope in life. I like engaging with those people to give them hope so that we can try and intervene to help them out. I want to stand up for women and poor people because after 22 years of democracy people have lost hope completely. People are desperate, so when you go to communities and engage with them you can tell that they are desperate. It's nice when you are able to take up their issues and give them some feedback in return. They appreciate that.

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3.  Is there a definite space for women in politics?


Yes there is a place. Women must stand for what is right and what they believe in. At some point when you grow up you get intimidated by men and you sometimes don't want to oppose the view that is said by that man. What I have learned is to say what you believe in.


4.  What would you tell your younger self?

Just say what you believe in whether it is an unpopular view or not. Do not be intimidated.


5.  What is your message to other women this Women's month?

In 1956 women stood up and said not in our name and then they mobilised. What I want to say is that women should continue with the legacy that was left behind for them in 1956. There are still many issues in communities that we still need to fight for. I want to encourage women from all walks of life to continue with the work of the leaders of that time.

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