Jacaranda FM is one the biggest independent radio stations in South Africa, with a combined audience of over 3 million.

Why Jacaranda FM

Jacaranda FM is one the biggest independent radio stations in South Africa, with a combined audience of over 3 million. Jacaranda FM is a bilingual broadcaster with a footprint that extends Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and the North West Province. It is the home of top talent, award-winning content including winning Commercial Radio Station of the Year in 2015 & 2021, and more music you love!

Jacaranda FM has developed a broad ecosystem that covers our FM reach as well as audience across our digital streaming, events, and social media platforms. The Jacaranda FM  digital stream and App give Jacaranda FM the benefit of a national reach.   Jacaranda FM prides itself on the communities it reaches with our multi-channel offering, which delivers key audiences to our advertisers.  The Jacaranda FM team is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for our clients which are on brief and designed in collaboration with our advertisers to drive campaign efficacy.  Radio is live, interactive, local, mobile, personal, and social. 

  • On-air we attract 1 437 000 individuals from diverse backgrounds, life stages, and consumer segments.
  • Affinity for the station extends into the online sphere with 1 145 343 unique browsers in January 2022, who logged in to find out more and further engage with their favorite radio brand. www.jacarandafm.com is the #1 radio website in SA (unique browsers & page views).
  • Digital Audio – 1 210 832 Digital Audio connections in January 2022 via live streaming (mobile and web).
  • Communication is further amplified via social media interaction, the station attracts 406 841 Twitter followers, 377 616 Facebook followers, and 58 680 Instagram followers.
  • Jacaranda FM’s annual events are popular and well-attended, the Spring Walk for example draws over 8 000 participants.
  • We use these multiple touchpoints to influence the customer’s decision-making process and find the best solution for their needs.

 Why Gauteng / Tshwane

Jacaranda FM started broadcasting at midnight on 1 January, 35 years ago, during a special outside broadcast, from a New Year's Eve ball in the Pretoria City Hall.

Jacaranda FM is the dominant radio station in the affluent Pretoria market and attracts a loyal following throughout Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and North West, with more than 1 million people tuning in to listen every week. Listeners engage actively on all the Jacaranda FM digital and social media platforms, reaching over 2 million users per month. Jacaranda FM also has the largest Radio YouTube Channel with over 30 000 subscribers and almost 24 million video views, and across platforms attracts audiences from culturally diverse backgrounds, life stages, and consumer segments.

The station's format is mainstream with programming constructed around a playlist of hit music. This is brought to the listener in English and Afrikaans in accordance with our licensing agreement, by a group of extremely talented and popular radio hosts, from all walks of life. The news team is based in Gauteng – but covers local and international news of the day, providing the latest developments online and on-air.

71% of Afrikaans-speaking Tshwane dwellers in SEM 9-10, listen to Jacaranda FM and 73% of the total audience is in LSM 8-10. They are affluent, educated, and enjoy great entertainment, music, and information.

Jacaranda FM is an invaluable communication platform in this market and continues to find innovative ways to remain relevant. We therefore invite you to make use of Jacaranda FM’s multiple touchpoints to influence our audience’s decision-making process, and to find the best solution for your business needs.

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