SA Top 20


Sundays will never be the same again, as Carla Mackenzie counts down the 20 biggest songs in South Africa between 18:00 and 20:00.

  1. Die Heuwels Fantasties - Ons Moet Leef
    Ons Moet Leef
    Die Heuwels Fantasties + Ampie
  2. Josh Middleton  STAY
    Caught Up
    Josh Middleton
  3. Jaydon + Paxton
    Good Company
    Jaydon + Paxton
  4. Tasche Burger Breakfast with Martin Bester
    Tenneessee Whiskey
    Tasché Burger
  5. Laudo Liebenberg
    Ek Kan Nie Wag
  6. Rubber Duc
    Talk About It
    Rubber Duc
  7. Jimmy Nevis Breakfast
    Hey Jimmy
    Jimmy Nevis
  8. Ruiter Piet
    Minnie se Liedjie
    Ruiter Piet
  9. Oli Milne
    I'll Be Okay
    Oli Milne
  10. James Deacon
    Rain On Me
    James Deacon
  11. Connell Cruise
    Damaged People
    Connell Cruise
  12. Karlien van Jaarsveld Ruil Jou Vir MY
    Ruil Jou Vir My
    Karlien van Jaarsveld
  13. DJ Jinhle Locnville
    Miracles (Remix)
    DJ Zinhle + Locnville ft. Apple Gule
  14. Riana Nel covers Alanis Morissette on Breakfast
    Riana Nel
  15. Janie Bay SA Top 20
    Janie Bay
  16. Armand and Nic
    Wish You Well
    Armand Joubert + Nic Billington
  17. Amy Lilley
    Amy Lilley
  18. William Wolf
    William Wolf
  19. Goodluck
    Rum & Cola
    Goodluck + Kav Verhouzer
  20. Juloani J
    Julanie J

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