'Thys & Trix' on Breakfast with Martin Bester

'Thys & Trix' on Breakfast with Martin Bester

Bouwer Bosch and Leandi du Randt-Bosch put the 'Power' in 'Power Couple' on Breakfast with Martin Bester.

Thys en Trix Breakfast
Breakfast with Martin Bester

Ahead of the release of their movie 'Thys and Trix' this week, Bouwer Bosch and Leandi du Randt-Bosch paid a visit to Breakfast with Martin Bester.

With Bouwer and Leandie around, we got the week off to the best possible start. Martin Bester initiated a round of 30 Seconds and Bouwer and Leandie did exceptionally well!

Are you feeling the World Cup fever? Leandie took it upon herself to spin the “Russian (and Chips)” to predict the outcome of three football games. Let’s see if she will be correct...

'Thys and Trix' are siblings and police officers. Their constant feud results in their expulsion after it causes yet another embarrassment for the police service. Detective Solomons is investigating the activities of a crime syndicate in an exclusive golf estate outside Mossel Bay. This movie looks like a blast!

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