#AngelRands Terms and Conditions

#AngelRands Terms and Conditions

#AngelRands is Jacaranda FM Good Morning Angel’s own electronic voucher, managed and distributed on our behalf by eVoucher.mobi (powered by Celbux).

We will send assisted nominees a voucher which they will receive in an eVoucher.mobi account on their phone. Nominees may use their #AngelRands to buy food and other essentials from participating retailers.


When you first receive your #AngelRands, you will receive an SMS with your login details as well as a SMS copy of your voucher, example:

“You just received ZAR 1000.00 #AngelRands voucher number: 228-12345-12345”

To access your #AngelRands, simply login to your account via the eVoucer.mobi platfrom or USSD (dial *120*7687#) to access your #AngelRands voucher number or, if you going to spend the whole voucher at once, use the number on the SMS.


When paying for your purchases, ask the teller to pay using a Celbux Voucher or Mobile Payment and give the Teller the voucher number. If your purchase is more than your #AngelRands, you will have to pay the balance with cash or a card.


If your initial purchase is less than the voucher amount, the change will be issued as a new #AngelRands voucher. The voucher number with the new balance will change after every payment for security reasons. To use your #AngelRands again simply log in to your account and access your new voucher number.


Please Note: you cannot exchange an #AngelRands voucher for cash, you have to spend it.


For more information or assistance please:

·      Email:                         [email protected]

·      Go-to:                       https://evoucher.mobi

·      Support:                    060 838 7068

·      Account Login:      https://trade.evoucher.mobi

·      USSD Number:         *120*7687#


Participating retailers where #AngelRands can be used:

·      Pick n Pay

·      Clicks

·      Checkers

·      Shoprite

·      USave

·      Dis-Chem

·      Spar*

(*Spar vouchers will run on a manual process and not via eVoucher.mobi)

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