GMA Coronavirus Support helps car guard mother of five with R10 000

GMA Coronavirus Support helps car guard mother of five with R10 000

#AngelRands thanks to Good Morning Angels and LottoStar rewarded Sussie Ayres with R10 000.

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BACKGROUND: Sussie, works as a car guard at the parking lot at in town. When I met her she was pregnant with her fifth child (despite her getting a contraceptive injection at the clinic).

When the baby was born – just under a year ago, she had to stop working for a while.  

Her husband worked in Gauteng as a boilermaker but lost his job in December 2019, when the company he worked for had to retrench some employees.

They have 5 children,

Pietie     -             15 years (Grade 7)

Dina       -            13 years (Grade 6)

Jolene   -             6 (Grade R)

Ronnie  -             4 Pre-School

Yashmin -            9 or 10 months

 They live in a wendy house in the backyard of a policewoman.

 I try to support them by paying for the kids' book and fees, which is finally paid in full. Fortunately, they received a rebate on the school fees.  I also try and assist with buying food during the month when they run out of money, nearer to the end of the month.  They also receive on a weekly basis, on Wednesdays, a plate of food from the NG Church and when in school, the 2 older kids get food from the Trompie food scheme at the school, but the 3 little ones do not have the privilege of food during the day, except what Mom can put in their lunchboxes, which is a far cry from enough, sustainable or sufficient.

Sussie really tries her best to stretch her Sassa money she receives for the children and herself, but with her husband not working at the moment (he has a contract to finish some carports for a private person) but due to COVID he can’t work and therefore does not get paid.  When the rent is deducted from the Sassa grants there is barely enough money to buy the bare essentials, and with a baby in the house, it makes it more difficult to provide for enough food during the rest of the month.

The situation is extremely dire at the moment.  I have given them some meat and veggies before the lockdown, and I believe they’ve received their Sassa grants, but I don’t think it will be enough. 

If you can find it in your heart to assist this family, I will forever be grateful.

Yours sincerely

God bless,


REQUEST FOR: Sussie Ayres 

REQUEST FROM: Ansie Hartman

SPONSORING: We’ve sent R10,000 in #AngelRands to Sussie to help her sustain and support her family during and after lockdown 

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