GMA Coronavirus Support helps single pregnant mother with #AngelRands

GMA Coronavirus Support helps single pregnant mother with #AngelRands

The GMA Coronavirus Support, in partnership with LottoStar, has R500,000 to share with families in need. Chanell Theart is one of the recipients who received R10 000 in #AngelRands.

Good Morning Angels

BACKGROUND: Chanell is my sister-in-law. (She was married to my brother, who died in a car crash 4 years ago).

Chanell is 35 weeks pregnant and worked as a bar lady. Since lockdown, she cannot work anymore, so there is no income – and baby Leoné is due by the end of the month! Chanell also has a 7-year old daughter. Chanell had cancer some years ago and was not supposed to be able to fall pregnant again. We cannot hold a stork tea for her, so she has very few things for the baby – and needs so much more.

Chanell’s partner recently started at a construction company but was paid-off when the lockdown started: first in, first out.

His mother also lives with them. She works as a cleaning lady, but she too is in a - no work, no pay situation.

They are all four lives in a 1 bedroom flat with no income, little food and a baby on the way within the next few weeks.

My husband and I try to help, but we are also looking after my mother, two brothers and their children.

Please, if you can give some assistance to Chanell, it will be appreciated a lot.

RECIPIENT: Chanell Theart

NOMINATED BY:  Sister-in-law Herma Maree

ANGEL: Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels in partnership with LottoStar

SPONSORING: We have sent Chanell Theart R10,000 in #AngelRands to redeem for food and other essentials at her closest formal retail shop

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