GMA Coronavirus Support: R10,000 in Angel Rands to Coba and family in Middelburg

GMA Coronavirus Support: R10,000 in Angel Rands to Coba and family in Middelburg

Good Morning Angels and LottoStar assisted a family in need during the national coronavirus lockdown. 

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BACKGROUND:  Coba Viljoen from Middelburg is currently the only breadwinner for her family of three children aged eighteen, fourteen, and ten, as her husband is currently unemployed. When the national Coronavirus lockdown was announced, she picked up her mother of 75 as well as her in-laws, so they could rather all be together and look after one-another. Her father in-law is on oxygen. Both her in-laws have jobs, but cannot earn during lockdown. Coba is very worried that they will not be able to get through this time with what they have.

REQUEST FOR:  Coba Viljoen and her extended family 

ANGEL: Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels in partnership with LottoStar

SPONSORING: We have sent Coba R10,000 in #AngelRands to redeem for food and other essentials at her closest formal retail shop


My family are really in need of support please. I'm currently looking after my mother of 75 years, my mother in law of 64 years and my father in law of 68-years. Before the lock down I went and fetch them where they are staying so they can come and live with us. I also have 3 children: my daughter is 18 and my two sons are 14 and 10 years old. I’m the only one with an income as my husband is not working. At the moment my parent’s in-law are not earning a social grant because they were working, but they are now too without work because of the lockdown. My father-in-law is using an oxygen machine and we are struggling to get through this lockdown. Please can you help my family?

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