Good Morning Angels: Aspiring chef gets the opportunity of a lifetime

Good Morning Angels: Aspiring chef gets the opportunity of a lifetime

Michelin star chef, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, gave an opportunity of a lifetime to an aspiring chef.

Good Morning Angels recipient, Sims with Martin and Jan Hendrik
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BACKGROUND: Sims Kubeka is a 26-year software developer from Midrand. He chose to study mathematical statistics, although his passion has always been the kitchen - especially baking. Yearning for a career in food, the high-energy Sims, entered 'MasterChef SA' Season 4, to convince his family that he should pursue a culinary arts education, this is if he achieved the top five. Sims did one better and finished in the fourth spot.  

Sims enjoys nothing more than baking - which was inspired by his childhood growing up with his grandmother’s cooking and baking. His gogo, so impressed by his love of baking, enrolled him in a baking class at church, where he found he was the only boy in the class. This did not phase him at all and he embraced the chance to learn.

After achieving the fourth spot in 'MasterChef SA', Sims’ girlfriend, Kayla created a funding page for him, to help him raise enough to see him through four years of culinary training. He has already enrolled for a course with some of the funds raised, but it is well short of what would be needed for him to finish the road he’s chosen. That’s why Kayla reached out to Good Morning Angels, on Sims’ behalf. But maybe, just maybe thousands of rands for years of study is not the only path for Sims to realising his dream of becoming a master pastry chef.

REQUEST FOR: Simphiwe 'Sims' Kubeka 

REQUEST FROM: Kayla Domnakis 

ANGEL: Michelin Star Chef and owner of Jan in Nice, Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen 

SPONSORING: Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen invited Sims Kubeka to Nice, France for a three-month apprenticeship at his Michelin star restaurant Jan. Not only will Sims be working side-by-side with South Africa’s most acclaimed chef, but he will also be learning from Jan, first-hand, every step of the way. Jan will also cover the costs of the return flights to France and back, accommodation, and a monthly stipend, so Sims can concentrate on developing his food passion into skill.


Hi Angels, 

I am sending in this request to ask for your help. 

Sims Kubeka came top 4 on MasterChef South Africa Season 4. His dream is to be able to attend culinary school but unfortunately, he cannot afford to do so at this time. He has started a campaign to try and raise money for his studies. You can read his full story here: He was so loved on the show and his positive energy has inspired so many South Africans. But now he needs our/ your help to help him realize his dream. 

If you could even just mention or share the story, I am sure it would go a long way. Any donations or sponsors would be so greatly appreciated. I know you get a lot of requests, but this one has truly touched a lot of people and I hope you can find it in your heart to help him.  

Please let me know if you require anything else. Happy to help in any way I can. 

Kind Regards

Kayla Domnakis

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