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Good Morning Angels: Bringing joy to the lives of children without families

Good Morning Angels headed out to bring joy and smiles to the faces of many children who are not able to live at home with their parents. 

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House Airfield/EnDeo is a place of safety and home to nine children. This is one of about 50 such homes across the country run by the uMephi Child and Youth Care Centre.

Most of the children who live here have been through the legal system, because it is not safe or possible for them the live with their families. Some of the children do not have parents or family at all. Huis Airfield/EnDeo is home to children from ages 5 to 18. It’s a “normal” home with a house mother and an assistant who takes care of all 9 children’s needs.

They will live there until they have finishes school. Some children only stay at the home until custody and court cases have been concluded. The home receives a state subsidy of around R27,000 a month with which they have to cover all expenses including municipal bills, food, medical needs, clothing, transport etc.

The homes need support from the community for some of the daily needs and any extras, like home maintenance. House mother Cate Monaise knows her children very well. She helps with home work, makes sure they have what they need for the next day and goes to bed knowing they are loved. She commented, “all any child needs is love."

REQUEST FOR: The children of Huis EnDeo/Airfield 

ANGEL 1: Peet van der Walt and Santa Cruz Spur Northmead 

SPONSORING: The Santa Cruz Spur hosted the children of Huis Airfield/Endeo for a special party lunch and brand new books valued at R20,000

ANGEL 2: Aaron Bigmore and the Round Table East Rand

SPONSORING: The Round Table assessed the needs of the Huis Airfield/Endeo building and will do a complete remodel of the bathroom. They will replace the pipes and plumbing, re-paint, remodel and refresh the bathroom over the next few weeks.

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