Good Morning Angels: Bringing joy to the lives of those at Bramley Children's Home

Good Morning Angels: Bringing joy to the lives of those at Bramley Children's Home

Good Morning Angels headed out to Bramley Children's Home to bring joy and smiles to the faces of the many children who are not able to live at home with their parents.

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A day of fun and surprises for children who cannot live with their families.  


The Bramley Children’s Home is a refuge to 47 children, who cannot live with their families or have no family members who can take care of them. 

Most of the children who live there have gone through the legal system because it is not safe or possible for them to live with their families. 

Some of the children do not have parents or family at all. Bramley is home to children from ages five to 18. There are three homes on the premises, each with a house mother/father, an assistant, and children of different ages. 

The idea is to create a normal home environment, one with more siblings per home than the norm. The children live here until they matriculate, but some children only stay at the home until custody and court cases have been concluded. The home receives a state subsidy, but it falls short of what they need to cover all expenses, including municipal bills, food, medical needs, clothing, and transport.

The home needs support from the community for some of its daily needs and any extras.

REQUEST FOR: The children of Bramley Home in Pretoria

ANGEL 1: Nico Olivier, Lone Hawk Spur in Glenfare Centre, Lynwood

SPONSORING: The Lone Hawk Spur hosted the children of Bramley House for a special Spur 50th birthday party lunch, and donated new reading books valued at R20,000.

ANGEL 2: Christo Bezuidenhoud, Round Table

SPONSORING: The Round Table assessed the needs of the Bramley Home building. The carpets in the four bedrooms at 'Huis 4' are very warn and old. Instead of replacing the carpets, the Round Table will tile all the bedrooms as well as replace the old tiling in the kitchen.

The will provide all the material and labour to have the house neat and ready for the children before Christmas.

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