Good Morning Angels: Bringing relief to Northern Cape's drought-stricken farmers

Good Morning Angels: Bringing relief to Northern Cape's drought-stricken farmers

A whopping 26 trucks filled with resources are on their way to the farmers of the Northern Cape.

image GMA helping the boere


The drought that devastated the northern parts of the country, especially in the Northwest, is still fresh in our memories. In early 2016, Jacaranda FM’s listeners helped #ProjectWaterdrop take millions of liters of water to several communities. Good Morning Angels helped two SPCAs in affected areas care for dying animals, while our friends, the Caring Daisies, raised funds for feed for distribution to farms, where livestock was dying.

The drought in our part of the country was “broken” by September last year and the GDP grew by some 2% thanks largely to the agriculture sector that pulled together after the crisis.

But, the drought in South Africa is not over. It has moved to the Western and Northern Cape. The situation in farming communities in the Karoo-area of South Africa is not great at all. Farmers are again struggling to keep their livestock fed. Animals are dying.

A video of a desperate and crying farmer, pleading for help, went viral last week, and this time farmers and sponsors in the North West are returning the help they received to those struggling in the Karoo.

Again, responding to the call for help by our country’s drought stricken food producers, the Caring Daisies have rallied sponsors to help.

REQUEST FOR: Burre Burger Droogtehulp

ANGEL 1: Anria van Heerden and the Caring Daisies

SPONSORING: The Caring Daisies have rallied 26 trucks of feed and mealies as well as R65,000 worth of diesel, to leave for the drought stricken Northern Cape and Karoo. The feed will be distributed amongst farms in the area by Burre Burger as part of drought relief efforts.

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will contribute R35,000 towards the diesel still needed to fill up the trucks transporting the feed to farmers in the Karoo

They will be travelling on the following route:

image route to boere GMA


Donations towards relief efforts in the Northern Cape and Karoo can be made to the Caring Daisies. 

Please use #BoereHulp as a reference:

Caring Daisies:

Rand Merchant Bank (FNB)

Acc: 62321551906

Branch: 222-026

Ref: #BoereHulp

You can also use the SnapScan option:

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Here is the touching video that went viral on social media:

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