Good Morning Angels: Celebrating Ouma Poppy’s 100th birthday
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Good Morning Angels: Celebrating Ouma Poppy’s 100th birthday

Ouma Poppy Oliphant celebrated her 100th birthday with her family and Martin Bester.

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Breakfast with Martin Bester

BACKGROUND: She was born on 28 August 1918. She lives with her granddaughter, Taquihhah and her husband, Abdullah in Claremont, Johannesburg. Her family lives all over the country and although its a financial stretch for all of them - they will be in Jo’burg this weekend to celebrate this magnificent birthday.

Abdullah has been planning and pleading in and around the Claremont community for the past weeks - trying to get together a celebration befitting of a Centenarian. They have been able to secure the local town hall for the grand occasion, as well as a sponsored birthday cake, some cool drinks and snacks.

They’ve been making and sewing decorations and table cloths … but Abdullah’s biggest worry: catering for all 200 guests. With family and friends already busting their budgets to travel to Johannesburg - there is no one to help with the costs.

Abdullah looks after an extended family of eight on his single salary, and footing this bill is not possible. Still, Abdullah is determined to ensure that Ouma Poppy has the 100th birthday celebration she deserves … that’s why he wrote to Good Morning Angels.

REQUEST FROM: Abdullah Desai


REQUEST FOR: Ouma Poppy Oliphant


ANGEL: Retha Ingenbleek on behalf of Spar North Rand


SPONSORING: There's a Spar for every occasion and to help Abdullah and his family celebrate Ouma Poppy’s 100th birthday, Spar will assist with vouchers for food, drinks and decor to the value of R15 000,00!

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